The Lake District is a popular holiday destination in the United Kingdom. Aside from being the country’s largest national park, it is also famous for its 16 lakes, forests and fells, and more than 150 high peaks. It’s also a perfect place for those who are seeking a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of daily city living. 

Unfortunately, since the pandemic erupted, we have all been encouraged to stay at home to prevent the further spread of the novel coronavirus. With this, months of being cooped up in your house may have left you longing for the great outdoors. 

However, you don’t have to be so lonely! Whilst we are still in the middle of a pandemic, there are ways for you to bring the Lake District to your home. Check out these tips and enjoy at least a little bit of nature despite the lockdown:

1. Check Out Lake District Live Streams

The experience may not be the same, but checking out Lake District webcams give you the chance to see live images of the national park whenever and wherever. 

Several webcams all around the Lake District stream these images in real-time onto the Internet for anyone and everyone to see. The Lake District National Park website gathers links for these streams for your convenience. 

2. Listen to Lake District Songs and Stories 

The Lake District is not only home to breathtaking views and awe-inspiring nature. It has also been a huge influence on some of England’s well-known poets such as William Wordsworth, Samuel Coleridge, Thomas de Quincey and John Ruskin. Its landscape also served as inspiration for successful children’s authors such as Beatrix Potter and Arthur Ransome.

If you’re missing the national park, you may find comfort in reading or listening to the poets and stories crafted by these Lake District artists. 

For more modern artists, you may also look up Taffy Thomas on the Internet, who is often found telling stories at the storyteller’s garden in Grasmere. Moreover, you may watch online performances of Steve Wharton, an artist hailing from West Cumbria.

3. Climb The Fells By Taking On The Staircase Challenge

While physically visiting the Lake District fells and climbing them is impossible at the moment, you may mimic the experience by climbing your stairs at home! 

Here’s how the challenge goes: first, choose a mountain to ‘climb’. Then, measure the height of your staircase and determine how many times you need to go up and down your stairs to cover the mountain’s height. Once you have got all the numbers down, it’s time to take on the staircase challenge! 

If you want to take your mountaineering experience to the next level, you may even dress up in your outdoor clothing and pack the supplies you usually take in a rucksack. 

This may seem a funny idea at first; however, if you take a closer look at it, it’s also a great way to stay active even whilst on lockdown!


On top of the worries and anxieties brought about by the infectious disease, these times may also be disheartening. When you can’t go out to see your friends, come together, or travel as freely as you used to, things can seem dismal. 

If you have been longing to visit the Lake District for a healing trip, you may have to resist the urge at the moment. However, you may keep yourself entertained by following the tips mentioned above. Once the situation improves and the world starts to open up once again, you will realise that the long wait has made you grow fonder of the place. 

The beauty of this national park doesn’t always have to be elusive. If you want to own luxurious yet cosy Lake District lodges you can always retreat to, find them here at The Pastures. Let us know your requirements by getting in touch today and we will be glad to accommodate you.