A luxury holiday lodge at The Pastures is more affordable than you’d ever imagine
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Assuming the client is buying the 50 year agreement directly from The Pastures the cost is £100- £140k  depending on the plot for a 50 year agreement. The next thing to think about is the actual lodge itself.

The price can vary depending on the size (we can produce a lodge up to 65ft long) and the style of the fittings required inside the lodge. An entry level lodge can be bought for £55k but clients can spend up to £120k on a large deluxe model.

Double lodges – 50 year agreement costs

These are guide prices and depend on the actual style, contents and finish of the lodge

  1. 40’ x 22’ £210k
  2. 45’ x 22′ £230k
  3. 50’ x 22′ £250k

Stamp duty is not payable on the lodges.

Budgeting for additional items:

Delivery & installation:
This can cost up to £4000.

Clients can arrange for their own decking through one of our recommend suppliers or we can install it for you. This will be supplied at cost price and you can spend between £8000-£12000 depending on the size of the area you want decking and the type of finish required.

Hot Tubs:
Many lodges today have a hot tub and these can be supplied as well. The ones we currently use on site cost approximately £3000 plus Vat.

Annual Running Costs:

  • Site fees £3300 plus vat  (the rate of increase is described in the lease RPI plus 1%)
  • Rates £350
  • Gas/water/electricity  £1000 (estimated this will be more if you have a hot tub)
  • Insurance £350
  • Gas certificate £100

Deposit Process:

If you do feel that The Pastures  is the right lodge park for yourselves we do ask for a £5k deposit to secure the plot, £4k is refundable if for some reason you are unable to proceed.

  • Top up to 50% on order of lodge (non refundable)
  • Top up to 95% on delivery of lodge (non refundable)
  • 5% final payment on completion
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