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New Residential Lodges for Sale

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During the last decade, holiday lodges are becoming extremely common due to the recreational and financial advantages. Lodges offer investors, friends, and couple the option of renting out their property to vacationers while still allowing them to use their lodging for daily getaways in a beautiful location of their choosing.

New residential lodges for sale

A holiday lodge is similar to a static caravan, albeit with more amenities. A well-organised lodge at The Pastures is famous for its natural beauty and received a five-star makeover. Its owners have appreciated the lodge’s spaciousness and bold sense of design.

Of note, none of this is inexpensive. A lodge is still a substantial expenditure, but is it wise?

The brief response is yes, and we’ll look at why from various perspectives in this post. First, let’s precisely define what a lodge is at The Pastures. so, let’s have a look.

Is this a park residence or a lodge?

 Anything made possible in the business because of the size gap or a “double unit” is referred to as a lodge. It comes in two pieces, which are skillfully joined and outfitted on the spot.

With New residential lodges for sale, you can get exciting lodges for your holidays. 

The Size:

Lodges can reach up to 6.7 meters (22 feet) large due to this compared to the total distance of a park house, which is just about 4.2 meters and 14 feet. 

Different rooms in option:

Many other lodges and rooms are available for you. The designers and other co-workers are ready to spread their magic, packing the holiday lodge with lavish amenities without cluttering it up and providing a beautiful atmosphere of space and scope.

Many of The Pastures’ traditional holiday home styles may also be customised to become your ideal dream destination. The collection of available extras and customisability options can astound you.

Is it true that vacation lodges have a high resale value?

Also, keep in mind that all the lodges are made to last, with a minimum lifespan of 80 years. It’s doubtful that resale value would be an issue.

The size is 46 x 20—Sip panel construction with a complete Canexel assembly for two bathrooms. In the lounge room, there are some large picture windows. The living area, dining room, and kitchen are all accessible to each other. Kitchens are fully equipped with the best and latest appliances. The jack-and-jill toilet is connected to the walk-in closet connected to the bedroom. Separate construction of ensuite and walk-in closet. Glass balustrade surrounds the spiral staircase ascending to the private rooftop room.

The Glen Mhor is worth £225,000.

The Glen Mhor is the culmination of years of research and development in the recreation and parks home industries to build a modern home with a designer flair that is both functional and accessible. This lodge is a sign of technical quality and being visually breathtaking. The asymmetric roof, Siberian larch cladding, and grey windows all work together to create a stunning exterior. They are crafted to make an impression, as unique as you are. The interior design is outstanding. The ergonomic kitchen, the clever usage of space, and the inspirational colour schemes all contribute to a relaxing atmosphere.

The Valerian Lodge SOLD for £285,000.

This is a one-of-a-kind house, with a huge living space of 22ft by 65ft. What you get is super insulation, triple glazing, a slate roof, Karndean Da Vinci flooring inside, Portobello Blinds shutters, bespoke 12ft by 60ft decking, and an integrated construction that outperforms the majority of lodges on the market. It is situated on a wide plot with plenty of parking and a wooded forest. Quality pieces from Stollers in Barrow and other nearby merchants have been used to furnish it. A cinema space, a wood fire, and a warm and spacious kitchen with cutting-edge appliances are among the additional features. 

There are two ensuite bathrooms and a spacious family bathroom in this three-bedroom cabin. A 99-year lease or longer is included with the lodge. We have space available for 52 weeks.