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All the lodges at the Pastures are sold on a lease which can be wither 50 or 99 years in duration.

Why is a lease better than a licence ?

A lease creates “an interest in land”; a license does not. With a license, the property owner is effectively saying “OK, you can occupy my property for a while, but I can interrupt at any time and ask you to leave.” To a property owner, the advantage of a license is that in certain circumstances, it is easier to exercise control. Hence their use by park owners.

  • A lease gives the lessee a right to use the property for the term of the lease.
  • This doesn’t change even if the park was to change hands.
  • With a lease a buyer can often raise finance from the bank.
  • The clients lease is registered with the Land Agency whereas a licence is not.

There are two main ways to buy a lodge at the Pastures

  1. Purchase of the Lease and buy your own lodge direct from the Manufacturer:
  2. Purchase a package deal.

We can sell you the lease and then we can:

  • Build you your own bespoke lodge
  • Recommend three or four manufacturers for you to visit to decide on your own lodge

Purchase of the Lease and buy your own lodge:
A very popular option is to buy the 50 or 99 year lease from us and then choose your own lodge to go on the site. You will still get a great price for the lodge as you will be able to use our full discount facility which we have negotiated with the manufacturer. An advantage of this type of transaction is that everything is transparent and you know exactly what you are paying for the Lease and the Lodge. The price for a 50 year lease varies between £90- £140k depending on the plot.

We really would advise you that if you are planning to buy a lodge you should only purchase one on a park that is offering leases. If in doubt check it with your solicitor. The Manufacturers we recommend are very flexible, not only can you get the standard designs, but they are very happy to work with you to develop a bespoke solution If that is what you require.

Their range of lodges is shown on their websites:

Or we can sell you the lease and then we can build you your own bespoke lodge.
We will recommend three or four manufacturers for you to visit to decide on your own lodge.

Lodges for Sale

The Valarian

£285,000 This beautiful cedar clad lodge sitting in its own private woodland. The lodge is 65 feet by 22 feet with fabulous views from the extensive decking.

Glen Mhor

£225,000  ‘Glen Mhor’ is a visually stunning, fully decked and landscaped lodge that offers designer flair whilst remaining practical and affordable.

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