Can you Buy a Lodge at Centre Parcs

By |April 14th, 2021|Luxury Lodges|

It is never too late for a quick break in Center Parcs to schedule a nice family time. Don’t worry, and reserve for the right option and supply, beating the last minute’s scramble. Moreover, the sooner it gets to your diary, the sooner you can organise your weekend, mid-week break, or 7-night vacation. If you think whether “Can you buy a lodge at centre parcs?” This post is for you. We will guide you through collective information regarding what to expect and what can you get?

We offer one of our self-catering lodges in your natural environment, suitable for couples or small families, near our facilities. All our lodges, with their chic decor and open plan living, are the ideal base to discover. They are all fully prepared for your vacation.

Try a Family Woodland Lodge or try an Executive Lodge with en-suite bedrooms. Or head out in an Exclusive Lodge for pure comfort. You won’t be upset, whatever you want.

Our housing has been hygienically changed, including the duration of cleaning hours on arrival/departure day, the removal of unwanted features in your house for maximum hygiene. Moving forward on this ‘Can you buy a lodge at centre parcs’ agenda!

About […]

Should I Buy A Holiday Lodge?

By |April 6th, 2021|Luxury Lodges|

Is buying a holiday lodge worth it?

Holiday lodges in the UK are growing popular, partially because they are easily accessible and do not require flights that are most available during the year. With holiday lodge parks, nearly all areas of the UK now cover. However, you can pick one for yourself, family, and friends in one place. There are also several various models and designs simple to invest in a holiday lodge.

A vacation lodge could be represented as a static steroid caravan. An upgrowing park house, which extends its wings to a 5-star makeup. Owners like their lodges because of their spacious and shameful style. Naturally, none of this is cheap. A lodge is a big investment, but is it a smart investment?

Size is the main difference that makes it possible for anything else. A lodge is a so-called ‘double machine’ of business. It comes to the site like two halves, which on the spot are expertly united and prepared. 

Your new lodge is a quality of life investment. One that pays returns in the coming years. Thus, it will always be a great investment over the years, though it […]

Where is Cartmel in the Lake District

By |April 3rd, 2021|Lake district holidays|

Cartmel location:-

Cartmel is a village in Cumbria country of England. It is situated 2.2 miles northeast of the Grange. The district of the Cartmel is the South Lakeland district. Cartmel is situated near the lake district national park. This village is also known as the home of sticky toffee pudding. It is famous from the 12 century due to the following reasons:-

  • Having beautiful stained glass windows
  • With the modern sculptures
  • Having water pump with the fish slabs
  • Ancient choir stalls and many more.

The different kinds of shops and traditional pubs are present in this beautiful village.

Lake districts premiere luxury lodge destination:-

The pastures are present in the mid-way between the Cartmel and Allithwaite villages. This site gives an amazing view down from the Cartmel valley to Lakeland. The people who dreamed of the second house in the lake land, so this site is the best location. About 26 acres of the woodland and pastures are situated in this beautiful place.

The lodge manufactures designs each lodge according to the expectation […]

The Beauty of Lodge Holidays in the UK

By |March 27th, 2021|Luxury Lodges|

Want to move away from bustling cities to a quieter place? Go for Lodge Holidays in UK 2021.

The lodges may look like traditional wooden homes but now they have evolved to modern homes that are packed with all the amenities. You can find holiday lodges loaded with life necessities like air-conditioners. Boiler, fridge, oven, stove, showers and everything you can ask for. The time is gone when you have to struggle with many things while spending time at the lodges.

Now in the UK, you can easily find more or less 50ft lodges that look like modern homes in disguise and much better space than holiday accommodations.

Lodge holidays, convenient and enjoyable option

Many people are refraining from travelling abroad and choosing Lodge Holidays in UK 2021. Spending time with family in a peaceful environment is always a great idea. Lodge holidays are quite an appealing option for a summer gateway to your favourite location. It saves you trouble booking expensive flights to the destination and the hassle of booking in hotels. You can enjoy a road drive with your friends and go to any countryside lodge for a pleasant time.
Choosing to spend holidays in the UK gives you the […]

Are Residential Lodges A Good Investment?

By |March 15th, 2021|Luxury Lodges|

After seeing the online or in-person ad about Luxury Residential Lodges for Sale, you must have thought of a question. Is buying a residential lodge a good investment? 

The lodge can be described as a static park house loaded with luxurious amenities and have spacious space for accommodating a whole family. Of course, it does not come cheap but is it worth spending money? 

You can decide the answer to yourself after reading our take on this. The residential lodges can be expensive when you look at the price but in the long run, they are a good investment if done right. Depending on your need and purpose, they can be bad or good investments. 

For the past years, lodge holidays and self-catering holidays are on rising in the UK. It has created a positive image of buying and renting out lodges for potential income and revenue on investment. 

Are Luxury Residential Lodges for Sale worth investing in?

You will only get the return on investment if you make it like a real business. Owning a lodge takes up a lot of the money from your budget and […]

Why choose a luxury lodge to stay in the UK?

By |March 8th, 2021|Luxury Lodges|

Camping has always been a perfect choice for family holidays. It has come a long way before it was caravan tents, poles, ropes, pegs and whatnot. Now you do not need to make a hassle of setting up the whole tent set-up and other necessities. You can simply opt for Luxury Lodge Stays at an affordable price. Camping is never a fully comfortable experience, and for many who are going with families, including the elderly and kids, this is largely out of the question. 

The pleasant alternative that a luxury lodge is especially a great idea in the UK which is a land filled with mountains, valleys and has plenty of beaches. 

Many now choose a luxury lodge for a holiday getaway and you should too. You are now relieved from all the camping setup and gear stress and do not need to worry about it for days. Below are more reasons why you should opt for Luxury Lodge Stays.

The benefits of choosing Luxury Lodge Stays

Choosing a luxury lodge has many benefits to offer for a holiday stay. It is much preferable over staying in the open […]

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