When are lodges allowed to be occupied?

The Pastures is open for 52 weeks a year. Nearly all clients can use their lodges at any time.

Can I live in my lodge?

On part of the site we have full residential status for 46 weeks from March 1st to Jan15th. On the rest of the site we have a 52 week holiday licence which means clients can use their lodges at any time but for holiday use only, they are not residential. You must be registered at a permanent address either in the U.K or abroad.

Can I sub-let my lodge?

Lodge cannot be sub-let  but family and friends can use the lodge.

What is the life span of a new lodge?

All our lodges are built to residential specification.  All are double glazed and centrally heated as well as being fully furnished. As with any house they will need maintenance, especially external timber treatment, approximately every 5 years. Timber frame buildings well maintained can last for 50 years.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of my lodge?

As with any building, it will need maintaining and kept in good repair. This will be the owner’s responsibility, whether done by you or by employing someone to carry out the work necessary.

Are they leasehold?

We can offer leases if required  or a standard B.H.& H.P.A licence agreement for  50 years (reviewed thereafter every 5 years). There are pros and cons on both types of agreement which we are happy to discuss with you.

  • What are the annual running costs
    • Site fees £3468 plus vat  (the rate of increase is described in the agreementas RPI plus 1%)
  • Rates £350
  • Gas/water/electricity  £1000 (estimated this will be more if you have a hot tub)
  • Insurance £350
  • Gas certificate £100
  • Do I have to have insurance?

It is your responsibility to fully insure your lodge as part of your licence agreement.

Can I have a telephone & internet in my lodge?

Yes this can be arranged by our local supplier Kencomp.

Is there parking near to my lodge?

Each lodge has normally 2 car parking spaces.

Are dogs allowed at The Pastures ?

Pets are welcome. All dogs must be kept under control and we reserve the right to ask any dog that is unsociable to be removed

How much is a lodge to buy?

Prices do vary pre owned lodges range from £140k  and new lodges can start at  £200k and go  to £400k depending on the size and specification.