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Where to Buy a Holiday Home Investment Property

Many people want to purchase a holiday home in the United Kingdom, including long-time landlords who are moving away from the typical rental investment property market. With a holiday home for personal use or a buy-to-let investment, you are joining a rising number of house purchasers who are preceding popular holiday locations to purchase a decent UK holiday investment property with excellent capital growth.

Where to buy a holiday home investment property?

More individuals are planning self-catering holidays in the United Kingdom is a significant factor in the expanding trend. As a result, it is understandable why landlords are interested in purchasing holiday homes in the United Kingdom, but they are not the only ones. People who desire a second home do so for various reasons, one of which being the growing tendency to stay in when on vacation.

While enjoying a wonderful vacation in the sun by the sea, some may have entertained the idea of purchasing a vacation house or apartment. Many people believe they may reap the benefits of both a rental income and a free vacation by doing so.

Make certain that you are making your purchase with your intellect and not simply your emotions. Many investors deceive themselves and their friends and family into believing that they purchased a holiday home for financial reasons. In truth, the primary motivation was a desire to improve their lifestyle.

The majority of people are enthralled by the prospect of having a holiday home, but only a few are concerned with the basics of investing in real estate.

For holiday homes, location is just as important as it is for purchasing regular investment properties. Just as certain locations are better than others for buying typical investment properties, location is crucial for holiday homes.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Whether in the countryside or on the coast:

There is something about being near the water that appeals to a large number of individuals. It doesn’t matter if it’s the calming swish-swash of the waves or the fully unbroken vistas.

As a result, oceanfront real estate is in great demand all of the time. However, don’t count out more remote areas as a possibility. Natural areas like the Lake District and the Peak District continue to be immensely popular with hikers and other great outdoors enthusiasts.

Even holiday homes outside of National Parks adjacent to famous walking paths are likely to be in high demand throughout the whole year.

Up and coming locations: 

Like purchasing any form of property, investing in up-and-coming locations often results in the most long-term return on investment. As a result, search for locations that are soon becoming popular tourist destinations.

Some locations may become hotspots in a matter of hours or minutes. Several locations in Northern Ireland have become immensely popular with visitors due to their usage as filming locations for the hit television show Game of Thrones.

Of course, such popularity may only last a short period, but that does not rule out the possibility of following them in the future, even if just in the short term.

Near to attractions: 

Having your holiday homes near well-known attractions is a major bonus if you want it to become a popular getaway spot. There are the obvious ones, such as national parks, but also consider other types of attractions, such as theme parks, while planning your trip.

Multiple attractions in the region of your holiday homes are ideal since they attract a wide spectrum of visitors and guarantee that they need a place to stay for several days during their visit.

Most popular locations:

Among the finest areas to buy a vacation home, according to Direct Line, the places with the highest proportion of holiday houses in the UK are the following:

  • Gwynedd
  • Cornwall
  • Lakeland
  • North Norfolk
  • East Lindsey

This does not necessarily imply that these are the ideal areas to invest in a holiday home, but it does indicate that something is working. If you decide to purchase a holiday home in one of these regions, be prepared to face intense competition!