What is the Lifespan of a Holiday Lodge?

When we think about holidays, beautiful and exciting things come into our minds. People try to make every holiday memorable so they explore new but cheap locations where they can spend a long time with their dear ones. Here we must add The Pastures as the best holiday destination for the people who want peace [...]

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Can You Live in a Lodge All Year Round?

Holiday home:- You can live some days in a lodge, but you cannot live in a lodge all year round because they are designed to spend the holidays. So you can spend your holidays happily in the holiday home, but permanently you cannot live there. You cannot afford it all year round because you cannot [...]

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Pre-Owned Lodges for Sale At The Pastures

Location of the Pastures having £125,000 price:- People want to spend time with their friends and family; therefore, they visit different places. One of the best places for them is the pastures. This beautiful location is situated between Cartmel and Allithwaite village. In Cartmel village, different types of shops and pubs are present. Michelin hotel [...]

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Pre-Owned Residential Lodges for Sale

Holidays are exceptional, and you can also make them even more precious by choosing the best destination. If you live in the United Kingdom and want to explore a new and natural place, what else is better than The Pastures? It is located at the ideal location of the Cartmel and Allithwaite villages, where you [...]

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New Residential Lodges for Sale

During the last decade, holiday lodges are becoming extremely common due to the recreational and financial advantages. Lodges offer investors, friends, and couple the option of renting out their property to vacationers while still allowing them to use their lodging for daily getaways in a beautiful location of their choosing. New residential lodges for sale [...]

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Need to Know Where is a Garden Lodge for Sale?

A log house is a beautiful way to live in the wild and enjoy a safe and tranquil lifestyle. The calm and clean atmosphere given to people who live in overcrowded cities in a residential cabin is incomparable. The freshness of the air and the quiet atmosphere are better ways of living away from city [...]

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How Much are Holiday Lodges to Buy?

A holiday lodge can be a perfect place to spend quality time with friends and family. At The Pastures, you can be a guest or an owner of a beautiful and luxury lodge full of essential and VIP facilities.  If you are a frequent traveller of the countryside and want to live close to nature, [...]

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Should I Buy A Holiday Lodge?

Is buying a holiday lodge worth it? Holiday lodges in the UK are growing popular, partially because they are easily accessible and do not require flights that are most available during the year. With holiday lodge parks, nearly all areas of the UK now cover. However, you can pick one for yourself, family, and friends [...]

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The Beauty of Lodge Holidays in the UK

Want to move away from bustling cities to a quieter place? Go for Lodge Holidays in UK 2021. The lodges may look like traditional wooden homes but now they have evolved to modern homes that are packed with all the amenities. You can find holiday lodges loaded with life necessities like air-conditioners. Boiler, fridge, oven, [...]

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Are Residential Lodges A Good Investment?

After seeing the online or in-person ad about Luxury Residential Lodges for Sale, you must have thought of a question. Is buying a residential lodge a good investment?  The lodge can be described as a static park house loaded with luxurious amenities and have spacious space for accommodating a whole family. Of course, it does [...]

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