If you’re looking for the perfect place to take your beloved pup on a hike or a special walk, then consider heading to the Lake District because you’ll never run out of experiences that you can enjoy with each other! 

Thanks to the Lake District’s natural formation, breathtaking peaks, serene bodies of water, and otherworldly greenery, there’s no denying the fact that it’s the perfect location to spice up your regular walks every once in a while. While it is safe to assume that the Lake District itself has an endless amount of spots to visit with your furry, four-legged friend, we’ve handpicked a few special spots that provide a walking experience of a lifetime. 

Whether you’re looking to cherish every moment with your beloved furry pal or take them on some exercise, here are three Lake District spots that are worth visiting with your dog: 

Rydal Water along Ambleside

If your furry pal loves to run in circles and you’re in need of something more familiar, then Rydal Water in Ambleside is definitely worth paying a visit. 

Best known for its circular layout, the mesmerizing banks of Rydal Water combine comfortable walks with picturesque landscapes that can make even the most restless of dogs stop and look. Aside from a beautiful view of Ambleside and some of the area’s lush greenery, a walk around Rydal water also comes with a few more stops so that you and your dog can rest for a while. The best part about the Rydal Water route is that it’s linked to other must-visit spots, such as the River Rothay, Rydal Cave, and Rydal hall. 

Grizedale Forest

Should you and your furry pal come to the Lake District with an even more challenging route in mind, then Grizedale Forest is the perfect spot to visit, whether you’re looking for a single-kilometre stroll or a ten-kilometre endurance trek. 

Grizedale Forest is a walk option that combines a challenging hiking experience with awe-inspiring views that make for the perfect bonding experience between man and his best friend. As a relief in the middle of your trek, both of you will be treated to calm forestry that provides the best experience that you’ll both ever have with nature itself. If the standard trek isn’t enough for you two, then you can opt for a more challenging yet fulfilling experience by scaling the summit of Grizedale.  

Lowther Castle and Gardens along Penrith

Another spot in the Lake District that’s worth taking your dog walks to the next level with is Lowther Castle and Gardens, which can be found right in Penrith.

The Lowther Castle and Gardens is the perfect spot for anyone who wishes to learn more about the Lake District’s rich history that dates back to the 19th century or an individual who longs for a change of scenery. Although this place was once home to the Earls of Lonsdale, a trip to Lowther Castle and Gardens will make you and your hound feel like complete royalty as you roam further into the well-preserved ruins. It’s also worth noting that the area has a cafe that offers scrumptious meals and treats for both you and your dog—making it perfect for the last stop during your tandem trip to the Lake District! 

Every once in a while, man’s best friend deserves to be treated with a spectacular trip to somewhere exciting—such as the Lake District! If you’re looking to visit the Lake District for exciting “pup-and-me” holiday breaks and are in need of dog-friendly accommodation, get in touch with The Pastures today!