One of the most beautiful holiday destinations in England is the Lake District. It is packed with all the incredibly scenic, beautiful, and colourful views many are hoping to see when they take some time off. It is also a popular real estate destination, with many people buying properties to turn into their Lake District holiday home. 

Whether you’re hoping to go to the Lake District as a simple holiday or looking to buy a holiday home, read on. This guide will talk about some of the most beautiful and must-visit spots in the area. 

Here are some of these amazing, Instagram-worthy spots:

1. The Aira Force Waterfall

Situated north of Ullswater, Aira Force is a natural waterfall that has been appreciated by tourists and artists alike for centuries. Famed poet William Wordsworth is said to have been inspired by these falls, writing about them in three of his works. It is a unique location in England, with impressive and beautiful views that all UK residents should visit at least once in their lives.

2. Ashness Bridge

This bridge on the edge of Derwentwater is one of Britain’s most photographed spots, as it complements the bubbling stream and incredible panoramic views of the surrounding valley.

3. Buttermere

Buttermere is surrounded by sloping mountains, reminiscent of the great, spanning views that are beautiful at any season. The crystal clear waters are also reflective from certain angles. In the summer, the waters cast perfect reflections of the neighbouring mountains. In the winter, the view becomes more dramatic, covered in snow and ice.

4. Cathedral Quarry

Found just south of Little Langdale, this network of caves should be one of your stops when visiting the Lake District. The mouth of the cave looks awesome and imposing as a huge, black opening. Inside the caves, you will find one of England’s national treasures: the Cathedral Cave. It is known for its forty-foot high rock chamber with a naturally-formed pillar in the centre of the room, adorned with natural light seeping through the walls.

5. The World of Beatrix Potter

The famed author and illustrator called the Lake District home, which greatly influenced her famed creation, the adorable Peter Rabbit. An exhibition on the edge of Windermere now serves as a tribute to the author and her novels, and it includes a perfect recreation of Peter Rabbit’s Garden. There’s even a cafe to enjoy some tea right after your visit.

6. Windermere

As England’s largest natural lake, it is the most famous of all the lakes in the Lake District. The long and narrow lake creates a range of panoramic views. You can take a lovely ride on the steamer up and down the lake or even rent a boat for one or two hours to explore the lake yourself. 

Final thoughts

There are plenty of great spots and views in the Lake District, from Derwentwater to Whiteless Pike. These are just some of these tourist hotspots. Whether you’re looking to spend a few days in a beautiful place in England or looking to buy a holiday home in the Lake District, these sites are sure to make your stay enjoyable and meaningful. 

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