Lake district holidays

Lakes to visit in the Lake District during short holiday breaks

Lake District during short holiday breaks

Lake District was named because of the many lakes in the area. In total, the district has sixteen big, deep, and beautiful lakes. Every one of these is worth watching. However, what to do if you are on a short holiday break in the Lake District, you cannot go out and see all of them. Therefore we have narrowed down seven lakes that are must-watch. You can add them to your list and satisfy that you have seen the best out of many.

These lakes are surrounded by mountains, wildlife has an old history, and looks breathtaking. Let’s look at them in a bit of detail and add it to your bucket list.

1. Windermere – 14.8 square kilometers

Windermere is the deepest and the largest natural lake in not only the Lake District but out of all lakes in England. It is 220ft deep, 10.5miles long, and 1mile across. Due to its huge size, the lake is popular for its water sport activity and hot tourist spot. You can enjoy powerboating, water-skiing, kayaking, and paddleboarding in pleasant weather. If you are just for touring then enjoy your time on small cruises across the lake. Surrounding the lakes are big peaks and tiny villages. Windermere is among the main entry points to the Lake District so you can make the first stop there.

2. Ullswater – 8.9 square kilometers

During lake district holiday breaks, if you are looking for a tranquil and calm environment then Ullswater lake is the option for you. Glenridding is the largest town that is located along its shore and famous for hiking and mountain climbing trails. Also, it is situated at the base of the third-largest peaks of England, Helvellyn. If you are in the mood for a walk and enjoy the scenery then there is a 20-mile trail along the lake. With 7.5mile long, it is the second-longest lake right after Windermere in the Lake District.

3. Derwentwater – 5.5 square kilometers

Derwentwater lake is popular among hikers because it is surrounded by forest-covered fells and low hills with lots of trails going around and up. The lake has breathtaking scenery and Keswick launching stations that connect to many located around the lake including Brandelhow and Portinscale. The Centenary Stones and manmade scenery and for the beautiful island on the lake are the main attraction.

4. Bassenthwaite Lake – 5.3 square kilometers

Bassenthwaite Lake located at the base of the sixth-largest peak of England and at the foot of Skiddaw has clear water that reflects the sky perfectly on a clear shiny day making it much more breathtaking. Out of all the lakes present in the Lake District, only this one has the word “lake” in its name. It is the best place to enjoy watching wildlife in a calm environment. You can spot rare ospreys, cormorants, and different kinds of fish. Make sure to also check out Castle How Fort, Mirehouse, and Elva Hill nearby.

5. Coniston Water – 4.0 square kilometers

Coming at number five and fifth-largest lake in the Lake District is Coniston Water located near the popular peak, Old Man of Coniston. The site is famous due to Donald Campbell’s failed and ill-fated attempt of breaking the water speed record back in 1967. During his attempt, his Bluebird K2 flipped over after reaching 320mph speed and resulting in his instant death. His grave is in Coniston that anyone can visit. If you like to hear the story of him along with other notable people while your Lake District holiday break then head over to the Ruskin Museum that tells visitors stories. The lake is itself popular due to sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and stunning beauty.