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Most beautiful places to see in the Lake District

Most beautiful places to see in the Lake District

Lake District located within Cumbria in North West England is a mountainous district and as the name suggests, known for the lakes. It is a popular holiday destination for both locals and foreigners. Due to popular demand, you will come across many lake district holiday homes for rent or sale. People do not just like to visit for a few days but stay here for a longer period to see all the beautiful places in the Lake District.

Today, we will look at the five most beautiful places to visit in the Lake District. If you are coming for the short term and only have time for a selective visit then make sure to include these in your list.

1.  Kendal Castle

The ruins of Kendal Castle located at the top of the hill are among the most beautiful places to visit while touring the lake district. It was built in the 12th century and now only a few walls are standing and ruins can be seen around them. Castle was deserted and in ruins quite early in the time of Tudor. The Kendal Museum shows the castle in its reconstruction phase and how it looked as a whole. It is accessible for the public and has been a go-to spot for a picnic in surrounding greenery areas. Also, the castle is known for its mention in Stuart Oldham’s  “Kendal Castle on the Hill” which was the parody of “Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran”.

2.  Cartmel Village

The Cartmel village located in Cumbria, famous for having breathtaking lakes, is a must-visit area in Lake District. It was known as the Kirkby in Furness until 1974 but later changed the name and became part of Cumbria. The majestic monastic gatehouse is the main attraction that stands tall on the opposite of village square and it is among the few buildings that survived the dissolution of monasteries. The village has a variety of shops and is known for horse racing. As it is a popular spot to visit in summer in the lake district, lake district holiday homes here are located among natural settings and make a perfect getaway for you.

3.  Shape Abbey

Shap Abbey, an ancient church established in the 12th century is located near Kendal at the western bank of River Lowther, around 2.4km from the village of Shap. It belongs to the small sect of Catholics known as Premonstratensians. To this day, the tower still stands with its melancholic beauty among the ruins. The road to the site is open to the public and is quite narrow and steep that winds along the hill. A 20-minute drive from the nearest village is quite a pleasant feeling and the site also has car parking. Seeing the picturesque countryside and centuries-old church is a good choice for holidays.

4.  Wastwater

Wastwater is one of the deepest lakes located in the Lake district and absolute to see. It is a small lake surrounded by green mountains in summer at the helmet of Wasdale valley. The lake is also surrounded by some of the highest peaks of England including Scafell Pike, Lingmell, and Great Gable. Wastwater lake is covered with broken rocks to 610m to the southern side and has steep slopes that lead to Illgill Head and Whin Rigg which are called Wastwater Screes. The majestic Wastwater lake was voted as Britain’s best view. Spend your days in the cottage and enjoy hiking trails while enjoying the beautiful view.

5.  Kirkstone Pass

During your stay at lake district holiday homes, in a mood for hiking? Head over to Kirkstone pass. It is located at an altitude of 1489 feet and is considered the highest pass that can be traveled to by road. The picturesque Kirkstone pass is only for an experienced driver and absolutely not for a weak heart who can’t bear dangerous climbing. The drive between Ambleside and Patterdale might be easy and beautiful because of the car but dangerous and daunting. Take it as a life experience and sit through ups and down, it will be worth it.