We make many plans to visit different areas of the country and even foreign locations. Still, sometimes, due to situations and minimum budget, you can’t afford such luxuries. We can relate the current pandemic, where international and local flights are closed for an unknown time. In this circumstance, what to do? Let’s assume a scenario where a family with an average income wants to spend some quality time with their family members. They havea smallbudget, but they want to use it as the best option.

The family can use the money to purchase the beautiful lodge at The Pastures, available at an affordable price. The famous Lake District is the place where you can find all the amenities easily. The Pastures offer brand new holiday lodges for Sale andopen their doors for the guests. If you want to enjoy nature with advanced facilities, we suggest visiting The Pastures once.

Available New lodges for Sale:

After the first visit, many people often queries about the availability and prices of the available lodges. The Pastures offers Beautiful and ready holiday lodges for small and large families. They can get one bedroom, 2 and 3 bedrooms containing lodges. The prices vary according to the size and available facilities, but you can rent out any of them for some days or weeks. For your assistance, here are some details of the holiday lodges at The Pastures:

  1. Lodges are available with two bedrooms and the dimension of 46 x 20. A fully equipped kitchen area with beautiful surroundings is the main attraction of the lodge. For price details, you must visit the official website of The Pastures and get the latest price value of the available lodge.
  2. The Pastures also offers exclusive park homes. These lodges are one of its kinds and provide all the leisure and luxuries needed at such a beautiful location.  If we talk about the price, they are available at the cost of £225k. You can purchase this masterpiece at this fantastic price.
  3. The Valarian Lodge is currently unavailable, but you can book this exclusive lodge on a rental basis. The lodge can take for the lease of 99 years, and you can also get the occupancy of 52 weeks. The selling price of the lodge is £285k, but you can ask for the resale value of the lodge by contacting the staff of The Pastures or visit the website.

Moreover, The Pastures would be a perfect place to plan a memorable holiday with your friends and family.

Why choose The Pastures?

In this section, we explain the importance of choosing The Pastures as the holiday destination.

1.      It’s affordable:

The first thing that a person considers while choosing any holiday lodge is its availability and price. Even wealthy people also believe in the cost to manage the holiday budget. The Pastures has all the facilities that a family needs for the stay. There are luxury lodges with cosy bedrooms and an open kitchen that complement the deck section. The guest can enjoy cooking in the natural environment, and the most attractive feature is the personal parking space.

2.      Convenient:

The location of The Pastures will allow you to visit the nearest villages where you can find all the required items including, market, shopping and foodstuff. If you want to enjoy dinner at the restaurant, you can also find the restaurant near the lodge. Moreover, you can also take the medical facilities from the nearest medical Centre.

3.      Natural location:

Most people want to explore new places, but they prefer to visit natural sights. The Pasture can fulfil your need by providing a safe and secure natural environment. They make sure that there is no entrance of any wild animals that disturb their guests. So, it’s a perfect place to get rid of all the tiredness so, visit here and get fresh.