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Pre-Owned Lodges for Sale At The Pastures

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Location of the Pastures having £125,000 price:-

People want to spend time with their friends and family; therefore, they visit different places. One of the best places for them is the pastures. This beautiful location is situated between Cartmel and Allithwaite village. In Cartmel village, different types of shops and pubs are present. Michelin hotel is also present in the Cartmel and having a beautiful scene.

Cartmel is full of entertainment; the beautiful scenes are present, having medieval priority and gatehouse. Different meetings are held in the Cartmel house and also booked for the regular spring and summer meetings. This place is suitable for all people for the 46 weeks of the season. If you want to spend time with your family, then Cartmel is the best choice for you. it is also known as the holiday home for the tourist.

Pippin lodge having a £350,000 price: _

A beautiful homeland is a pippin that has three bedrooms with a stunning park. It is the best place for you if you want to spend time with your friends and relatives. Pippin lodges have spacious bedrooms with living accommodations.

A stunning entrance hall with a utility room is also present in the pippin lodge. In the utility rooms, automatic washing machines are fitted with a deep freezer and fringe. All the accessories that a person needed for then living are available there. As well as the tumble dryer is also preset to dry the clothes. An airy and open kitchen with a wood burner stove is present in this beautiful location for tourists.

In three double bedrooms with the wardrobes are available for the tourist, you can enjoy the 52 weeks with your friends and family with a proper living setup. All the things that we required are available there. A wide garden is present in the pippin lodge with the lawn, vegetables, and fruits growing in it. A proper sitting area is open for the outing. A pond also gives a beautiful look in the garden.

The pastures having the three bedrooms within £ 170,000 price: _

The pippin lodge has a parking road available for vehicles. A proper path route is also present in the lodge for the traffic, where people can walk in the morning and evening. When you cross this area, you will be reached at the beautiful open living room with the three spate areas for fun and entertainment. A broad lounge area in which you can take the sunbathe and refresh yourself. All the rooms are wide with double windows and patio doors.

An open kitchen is the best place for entertainment in the lounge where you can gossip with your friends and create an excellent memory. In a kitchen, a proper drainer sink unit is present, and there is a spacious place for cooking where you can cook different foods without any problem. An appropriate system of the exhaust is current. A proper utility room is currently next to the kitchen that is also wide and broad. A fixed washing machine, a dryer is fixed on the wall where you can wash your clothes easily, the other door of the utility room is opened to the garden.

The garden is full of flowers. Another door of the lawn is open up into the inner hallway where are attached three bedrooms are present. All the rooms are wide, broad, and airy. The size of all these rooms is equal and builds good material. A separate entertaining space is also available for the social circle.

 The pastures with the 3 Bedroom lodge having £145,000 price: _

The pastures are located between the three bedrooms that are wide and airy. The location is best according to the entertainment and fun. This beautiful place is present between the two villages with good shops and restaurants for the people who came here for the entertainment and fun.