Holidays are exceptional, and you can also make them even more precious by choosing the best destination. If you live in the United Kingdom and want to explore a new and natural place, what else is better than The Pastures? It is located at the ideal location of the Cartmel and Allithwaite villages, where you can get the perfect and beautiful natural sights for your memorable family time. 

The best thing about The Pastures is, you can take the luxurious lodges on rent or purchase them. If you are an intelligent businessman, you must convince investing your money in such a fantastic place. The people who need any assistance regarding purchasing or leasing the lodges are specially written for you. So keep reading and get all the answer to your questions. 

The Pastures offers:

Location: 4 The Pastures

Estimated Worth: £125,000

Located at the pinpoint of rural areas of Cartmel and Allithwaite villages with all the state-of-the-art amenities including:

  1. Pubs
  2. Shops
  3. Gatehouse 
  4. medieval Priory and famous restaurant called Michelin

So, it’s the best place for small families who want to buy mini lodges of two bedrooms. However, these two bedrooms lodges are specious enough for big families. The Cartmel is famous for its Racecourse parks that are used for summer or Spring meetings. Moreover, you can visit anytime for inspection and look at nature from that close. 

Location:  37 and Pippin lodge The Pastures

Estimated Worth:  £350,000

If you have a big family or want to invest at one of the prime locations of the Pastures, then Pippin would be the best choice for you. Here you can find comparatively big lodges and park homes of three bedrooms with extensive and broad sitting area. Once you visit the place, you can get an idea of how pleasant and well-organized these lodge decorate by keeping all client demands in mind. All the mini or big lodges are one of their kinds and provide the best services that carry all the comfort and luxuries for our guests. 

Talking about the facilities, you will get the followings:

  1. Automatic washing machine
  2. Fridge 
  3. tumble dryer 
  4. Central heating system
  5. Built-in wardrobes
  6. sun decks
  7. personal garden
  8. Parking and many others

Place a pair of chairs on the Deck and spend quality time with your partner with a cup of hot coffee. You can also enjoy cooking in an open-air kitchen with the traditional wood-burning stove. The Pastures offers occupancy of 52 weeks for each client, and they can purchase it with or without furniture; choices are many. 

Location:  16 The Pastures 

Estimated Worth: £170,000

You can take the off-road path for reaching 16 The Pastures. These three-bedroom lodges are designed to accommodate people who want to enjoy the combination of nature and advance technology. The fresh breeze and sunlight will lighten up the rooms. The natural light will fresh your mood and gives positive energy to everyone. 

You can enjoy dinner or cooking in the semi-open kitchen equipped with all the necessary appliances. You will get the following facilities:

  1. P shaped bath
  2. Built-in wardrobes
  3. Big sized master bedroom
  4. Personal patio seating and many more

If we talk about the price, it’s quite affordable compared to the other options. If you are looking for pre-owned residential lodges for sale, we suggest taking 16 the Pastures and taking advantage of this offer. 

Location:  7 The Pastures 

Estimated Worth:  £145,000

The Cartmel village is including one of the most famous towns in the UK where people used to visit and enjoy nature with friends and families. The Pastures provides the ideal location for spending the holidays and offers excellent investment opportunities. 

So, we suggest you visit once before making any decision.