The hustle and bustle of the city can be overwhelming. If the stress has gotten to your nerves, it is probably time for you to take a relaxing hike at the Lake District in Cumbria to you unwind your mind. No smoke and traffic, only pure nature and idyllic scenes. 

 For a hassle-free experience, you need to prepare yourself for the trip. Some parts of the Lake district such as the hills can be ragged and slippery. Going to the Lake District with jeans and shirts won’t do you any good unless you plan to tour only the towns. This does not mean, however, that you need to bring expensive, advanced equipment with you as if you’ll climb Mt. Everest. To help you prepare for your hike, here is a checklist of things you’ll need to bring for a safe and fun trip:


Waterproof Walking Boots 

The trails in the Lake District can be rough. You’ll need waterproof walking boots that fit your feet. These boots should also have outsoles with a good grip and should provide adequate ankle support. If you plan to hike in the winter, the boots need to have ice cleats as well. 


Breathable socks 

Sudden slips or even long hikes can cause the inner surface of your boots to run the skin on your feet, causing blisters and irritation. Wear socks to protect your feet. When wearing socks, however, you should choose a breathable one instead of cotton. The cotton would absorb sweat and feel uncomfortable and could even cause foot odour.



Gaiters provide added protection by keeping your boots and lower trousers strapped close to your legs. This footwear blocks mud, water, and sand from entering your boots and staining your pants.


Shirt with breathable fabric

You will sweat during your hike. Shirts with breathable fabrics would wick off the sweat that would otherwise give you a sticky, malodorous experience. In winter, add a layer of sweater in addition to your shirt and jacket.


Waterproof jacket

Keep yourself warm, dry, and comfortable by wearing a waterproof, breathable jacket. Such a jacket would also keep the wind off while ensuring you are sweat-free.


Lightweight, breathable trousers

You might have to pass through streams and wet areas when you hike in the Lake District. Cotton and jeans would feel soggy and heavy when wet and would take a long time to dry. The wetness would also feel cold. Thus, the trousers you wear should be waterproof or can easily. Fitness leggings used by joggers is an example of lightweight, breathable trousers.


Gloves and caps 

The mountaintops of the Lake District can be cold and windy. Keep your head and hands warm by wearing gloves and caps.



You don’t have to bring a luggage bag during your hike. You will only need your wallet, a map, drinking water, camera, suntan lotion, and emergency snacks. It is preferable not to bring gadgets or jewellery that could get dropped or damaged along the way. If you need to bring your phone, make sure it’s fully charged because there is no charging station in the wilderness. Use a lightweight rucksack to carry these materials. The rucksack should have a waist strap so that your shoulders and upper back won’t have to bear all the weight.


Enough water

Hiking is a thirsty activity. Keep yourself hydrated and save the environment by using a refillable tumbler instead of a disposable one.



The Lake District is a beautiful place – you can lose track of the time due to the scenery! Your phone could also run out of battery as well. Wear a watch with you to remind you of the time.


Emergency kit

The Lake District is a safe place to hike, but the wilderness can have surprises at the most inconvenient situations. Prepare for unforeseen events by bringing a first aid kit, whistle, and small flashlight.


Map and compass

Some parts of the Lake District have weak GPS and phone signals. Your phone could also run out of power. In these situations, having a map and compass and knowing how to use them for navigation would help you walk your way out of being lost in the middle of nowhere.


Walking pole

Use a walking pole to keep your movements steady, especially if you have to hike up a hill.

With tips checklist in mind, you will be aiming to have a wonderful hiking trip at the Lake District. If the stress is overbearing, do not wait any longer and plan for that long-awaited trip now!

If you’re looking for a luxury weekend break in the Lake District, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!